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Halloween eBook

Halloween eBook

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Make an eBook of your Halloween pictures and stories, complete with a custom cover, table of contents, and maps. Instead of spending days building a photobook, complete a far more interesting eBook in just minutes that you can share with anyone and save in your digital library.

Making your own eBook is simple. Just touch an image, use speech to text to tell the scary story behind the picture, and select the people and tags related to the story. When you’re ready you can publish with a simple key press and Instebooks will automaticallycreate a custom cover, a table of contents, a who’s who, and maps of your trick or treating routes. If you’ve connected to Facebook and made your eBook public, Instebooks will also post a notice to your wall and provide a site where your fans can download your eBook or read it online.

Your favorite authors already publish eBooks— now it’s your turn to do it right from your Android mobile phone or tablet.

Key Halloween eBook features:
- Press to add images to your Halloween eBooks
- Narrate your story by speaking and Instebooks converts your speech to text
- Tap to add rich tags about your Halloween adventures
- Create encyclopedia entries from tags in your eBook
- Insert maps by pointing to your location on a map
- Add people from your contacts so your remember who was behind the mask

Halloween Instebooks automatically:
- Converts speech to text
- Creates a lexicon of your tags
- Inserts interesting articles and details about Halloween through the ages
- Generates a custom cover with your own pictures, titles, and name
- Adds a table of contents
- Inserts maps tracking your adventures
- Hyperlinks your table of contents, lexicon, and index so you can jump around your eBook

Here’s why your should publish your images and stories in an eBook:
- Faster and easier to create – in just minutes you can create an eBook from the pictures on your mobile
- Publish instantly, no waiting required
- Share with anyone in the world, instantly
- Add extra content like maps and an index with no extra cost or effort
- Add as many pictures as you want- there’s no limit to the size of your eBook
- Low cost- publish and re-publish your eBook as many times as you want—add new pictures and republish for free

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Publisher: MiShow Corp
Category: Photography
Filesize: 4.7MB
Content rating: Unrated
App version: 2.1
Requires android: 2.1 and up
Installs: 10 - 50
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