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WellWave PainKill

WellWave PainKill

us Appolicious 04 Nov 2012 9.0  
us Google Play Review 26 Oct 2014 7.7
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Beneficial sounds for pain killer and healing .
Your device will transmits Pain relief signals.

Now with better quality of sound!

Healing session with you smartphone, simplyby listen to the beneficial sound of this app.

In this app you can choose two programs: 1 pain relief, 2healing frequencies.
Use it as a pain killer! It is not binaural. Does not need headphones.

How to use WellWave PainKill app:
A- Listening – Keeping the smartphone in the room at very low volume or,
B- Direct to the body - by keeping your smartphone in the pocket .

The app generates different frequencies and and harmonics of them. They pass trough the body by a resonance effect.
Is suggested to run the app for 20min .

How it works?
I plays specific sounds wave, chosen from known healing frequencies .
I experience many years the use of this healing frequencies with expensive devices.
I’m happy now to propose this app for mobiles !
This is not binaural.
Visit my website for more info about this method.
The sounds of WellWave resonate in your body – also if the volume is low. Try the pleasant effect!

It has 2 programs:
Program 1 - emits special waves that stimulates general health.
Program 1 - emits different frequences that works as pain killer.

In this non free app. there is no time limits of session.
This is a generic healing tones generator. Look at my others app for specific diseases relief; they have extra features frequencies.
This method is not a substitute of a medical cure.

WellWave PainKill screenshot #1
WellWave PainKill screenshot #2

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Quality Index
Publisher: alchemy
Category: Health & Fitness
Filesize: 3.0MB
Content rating: Low Maturity
App version: 4.0
Requires android: 1.5 and up
Installs: 100 - 500
WellWave PainKill image #1
18 Jul 2013
$0.00 to $2.34
16 Jul 2013
$2.34 to $0.00
16 Jul 2013
08 Mar 2013
$3.34 to $2.34
25 Jan 2013
$1.31 to $3.34
16 Dec 2012
Version: 4.0
13 Nov 2012
$1.45 to $1.31
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