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us 07 Jun 2013 6.0 Read the review
Connect digital content with the real world with Layar - the world’s #1 augmented reality app.

Scan print materials enhanced with Layar to view rich digital experiences right on top! Then be amazed as extra digital content appears, allowing you to interact with your world in a whole new way!

•See magazines come alive with videos right on the page!
•Easily buy items with direct mobile shopping links.
•Connect with links to web content and share items on social media.
•Browse and view thousands of Geo Layers to find stuff nearby, like ATMs, restaurants, historical locations and more!

Don’t know what to scan? Look for the Layar logo on magazines, newspapers and other materials, or try scanning a QR code!

You can also scan the posters for the world’s most popular releases and coming attractions to watch the trailer, get more info, see what the critics say and more!
And now in the completely redesigned Layar 8.0...

•Layar is easier to use than ever with a whole new user-friendly interface.
•Check the “Recent Content” section to see your history and view content again later or show it to others.

Layar screenshot #1
Layar screenshot #2
Layar screenshot #3
Layar screenshot #4
Layar screenshot #5

To add a Qi badge for Layar to your site:

  1. Copy the HTML code snippet and paste it into your site.
  2. The badge will automatically display on your web page with the Layar Android app's current Qualityindex rating.
Quality Index
Publisher: Layar
Category: Travel & Local
Filesize: 7.9MB
Content rating: Medium Maturity
App version: 8.2.4
Requires android: 2.3 and up
Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Layar image #1
15 Apr 2014
Version: 8.2.4
10 Apr 2014
Version: 8.2.3
01 Apr 2014
Version: 8.2.2
04 Mar 2014
Version: 8.2.1
22 Aug 2013
Version: Varies with device
16 Aug 2013
Version: 8.0
16 Jul 2013
05 Jun 2013
Version: 7.2.3
03 Apr 2013
Version: 7.2.2
19 Mar 2013
Version: 7.2.1
06 Mar 2013
Version: 7.2
06 Feb 2013
Version: 7.1.4
26 Jan 2013
Version: 7.1.3
22 Jan 2013
Version: 7.1.2
10 Dec 2012
Version: 7.1.1
05 Dec 2012
Version: 7.1
26 Oct 2012
Version: 7.0.2
25 Sep 2012
Version: 7.0.1
12 Sep 2012
Version: 7.0
14 Jun 2012
Version: 6.2.4
29 May 2012
Version: 6.2.3
19 Apr 2012
Version: 6.2.2
08 Apr 2012
Version: 6.2.1
02 Apr 2012
Version: 6.2
show more
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