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Thumbelina:3D Popup Book

Thumbelina:3D Popup Book

us Android Tapp 22 Nov 2012 9.0 Read the review
us Google Play Review 25 Sep 2016 8.6
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★If you could not download pop-up Book on Google Play, you can get it on Amazon appstore, Samsung appstore.

If you’re looking of a way to engage your children with literature, or perhaps your kid is learning to read and would benefit from something on an Android device, Thumbelina: 3D Pop-up Book is a great option. Even if you look at the app as a way of keeping a little one quiet, it's a dollar well spent!

Thumbelina consists of 3D pop-up scenes with RPG (character role-playing game) elements of the characters in combination with interaction for young readers (interaction between user and computer). Children can experience the pleasure of game and education effect at the same time.

Sit down with your child as you are running the apps, and talk about Thumbelina while listening to the music and touching the interesting objects inside it.
It will be a valuable time for your child to cherish for lifetime.
Fairy tale you read to your child will be the story of you and your child.

Andersen’s Thumbelina has been redefined with fun and exciting pop-up scenes like 'The Magic Seed', 'Caught by the Toad', 'House of the Field Mouse','Healing the Swallow', 'Escaping the Mole','Land of Flowers and the Prince'. Have fun completing the wonderful story by touching and moving the characters and objects with the exciting themes!

This app is best you can gift to your kids in Christmas.
-"Thumbelina: 3D Popup Book is an educational and fun reading application for children."-AppEggs

-"Its an enjoyable and easy app to use that makes reading more interesting for young children."-AndroidTapp

-"The interactive games fit the story closely. The whack a mole game was especially fun. The arrows that pointed out what the child should do next were helpful." -Bethany P

★For educating and amusing small children (and keeping them quiet for a few precious minutes!) 'Thumbelina : 3D Pop-up Book' is a useful app to have!

※Ease of Use:
★Quite literally designed to be used by children, playing with the app is very simple. The child just has to press the arrows to turn the page and identify items on screen by pressing them.

※Frequently Used:
★For small children, this could be something you use now and again to amuse them. It can encourage reading and an interest in books that is important to their education. It’s also a fun way of using technology to teach- and perhaps a novel alternative to traditional books.

★The interface is very beautiful and rampant with colour and detail. The 3D effect is superb meaning the view changes when you turn the screen angle with the accelerometer. The screens are responsive and really well designed.

※ Intended for:
★ Kids ages 3-7 (Preschool-aged)

※ Features:
★ Full 3D experience - It’s just like a real book, Lifelike 3D Pop-up scenes filled with beautiful illustrations and music
★ Touch or drag interactive elements in the 3D pop-up scenes
★ Fun and exciting interactivity to enhance the liveliness of the story theme
★ Fancy and lovely characters popping up out of the impressive scenes of the stories
★ Three dimensional rotation effect for a natural reading experience
★ The classical version of “Thumbelina” written by Andersen

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※ More Information :
★ Website :
★ FaceBook :
★ YouTube :

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Quality Index
Category: Education
Filesize: 25.0MB
Content rating: Everyone
App version: 1.3
Requires android: 2.2 and up
Installs: 500 - 1,000
Thumbelina:3D Popup Book image #1
20 Jun 2013
$0.99 to $2.00
14 Dec 2012
Version: 1.3
18 Nov 2012

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