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Best ways to hit an ace on Android

With the French Open only days away, we've been getting into the spirit of the event the only way we know how: by drawing up lists of tennis games.

Whether Nadal wins his record-breaking seventh title (in the Open Era) or cracks under the pressure like dry clay, you still have the chance to emerge the victor of your own vitual tournament - provided you have a decent racquet sim on your mobile.

To make sure you don't miss out, we've chased the ball across the court to bring you the Top 5 tennis apps on Android.

Be ready to return service, 'cause we're smashing this one straight down the line.

If can find the time between virtual matches to set foot on an actual tennis court, this app will help you keep track of your racquet exploits in exhaustive detail. Then, once you've logged all the relevant statistics, upload them straight to Twitter to prove you're the next Federer. Sorry, I meant Djokovic.
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One of the most popular tennis franchises has finally landed inside the white lines of the Android court. Feedback has been hugely positive, and if you happen to have an Xperia Play, you can put that D-pad to good use. A worthy entry in the long-running series.
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Serving up a retro-themed slice of tennis entertainment, MocoGame's pixellated offering has received favourable scores from the Google Play commentators. As long as you don't expect sim-style gameplay (or perfectly round balls), there's fun to be had between these tramlines.
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Okay, before you say anything, we know this is a table tennis game. The thing is: this miniature version of the classic bat-on-ball dynamic has proved so popular among Android users and review outlets that it would be remiss of us not to mention it. Over 5,000,000 downloads and counting. Your serve.
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Given Refined Games has delivered eight distinct tournaments, 35 opponents, and three different court surfaces in Cross Court Tennis, no one can accuse it of scrimping on features. There's even an autorun feature if you're feeling particularly lazy. 40-0.
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