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Top 5 Cop Chase Games on Android

Best ways to make a getaway on Android

Whether you identify as a noble protector of the law, or a fiendish criminal mastermind, the thrill of a good cop chase is too intoxicating to ignore.

After the controversial launch - and subsequent success - of Grand Theft Auto back in 1994, more and more game devs have tried to recreate the heart-pounding excitement inherent to the pursuit (or evasion) of justice.

This week, we posed as handsome technology journalists in order to infiltrate Google Play, interrogate some witnesses, and track down the Top 5 cop chase games on Android.

You'd better come quietly, 'cause there's nowhere else to run.

What would you do if you were playing Reckless Racing, and a bunch of policemen in fast cars appeared, shouted something about a bank robbery, and started trying to ram you off the road? If you want to know the answer, we suggest you swipe this speedy little number from Google Play before someone puts out an APB.
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Running from the police is great and all, but sometimes it's fun to take the law into your own hands. This Max Payne-esque shooter has you pursuing gangsters and drug cartels across a crime-infested city, dishing out your own special brand of slow-motion, lead-based justice with extreme prejudice.
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The game that helped expose the joys of simulated larceny to an occasionally horrified, but predominantly delighted mainstream audience can now be played in its full 3D glory on your mobile phone. Nostalgia and catharsis in one neat, blood-soaked package.
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If you thought acquiring a futuristic anti-gravity hovercraft was going mark the end of your entanglements with The Law, then you're in for a rude awakening. Outpace the cops for as long as you can in this F-Zero-inspired tunnel-runner. With boosters.
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In this hard-hitting expose on police corruption, Electronic Arts draws attention to the flagrant abuse of public funds which has resulted in an entire traffic division getting special-issue Porsches. Okay, that's not what this game is about, but seriously: where do they get those wonderful toys?
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