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Top 5 Film Tie-ins on Android

Best ways to continue the big-screen experience on Android

Ah, the mucky world of film merchandise. You've seen the movie - now buy the lunch box!

Video game movie spin-offs are different (in the main), though. Here, you get to absorb yourself in the fiction even more, and to take ownership (not to mention control) of the characters you love.

Read on as we throw ourselves into the scene and bring you the Top 5 film tie-ins for Android.


Herge's famous tufty-haired detective made a triumphant big-screen debut in Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin, and Gameloft's Android tie-in more than does it justice. Stealthily sneak past guards, engage in sword fights, and pilot a plane - anything the boy detective can do, you can do, too!
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Ice Age Village takes you into the popular Ice Age world and lets you build your own unique village. Accept missions from your favourite characters and play mini-games starring Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel. You know, the one who's always losing his acorn.
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Gameloft completes a trilogy of movie-themed masterpieces with The Amazing Spider-Man. The Webbed Wonder has always been one of the coolest superheroes around, so the ability to swing through the city, crawl up walls, and beat up hoodlums yourself results in a mightily fun game.
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Temple Run: Brave distinguishes itself by not just being a movie spin-off, but also being a video game spin-off at the same time. In this title - which uses the popular Temple Run engine - you must guide Pixar's latest heroine Merida through a breathless 3D dash across the wilds of Scotland. New to the Temple Run mix is a series of archery sections, in which you're challenged to tap targets for bonus coins.
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Speaking of superheroes, Captain America might not have the outlandish superpowers of his Marvel stablemate, but he still stars in a highly entertaining Android game. The game is a finely honed 2D platform beat-'em-up with super-sharp HD visuals. Use Cap's shield for combat and traversing levels; launch stunning attack combos; and generally act like a hard-as-nails super-soldier.
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