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16th June 2012

Google reveals that 900,000 Android devices are activated every day

Google has revealed that 900,000 Android handsets are activated each day. According to Google's SVP of mobile and digital content Andy Rubin, this figure has grown from the 850,000 daily activations recorded back in February, a testament to the increasing popularity of Google-powered devices. Earlier this year, Rubin also claimed that Google Play - then referred to as the Android Market - was hosting an impressive 1 billion downloads a month.

Construction sim Airport City gets new Fuel Station and 'cheaper' flights

A new update for construction sim Airport City has just landed on Google Play, adding an extra building to the game, and granting players easier access to new flights. This socially-slanted management title puts you in charge of your own airport, and tasks you with building an infrastructure capable of sustaining a thriving sky-ferry service. Now, in addition to the standard selection of hangars and runways, Game Insight International has introduced the Fuel Station to the game's construction options.

Mobile sensation Draw Something gets new interface and 'special' words in latest update

Pictionary-inspired mobile sensation Draw Something has just received a visual overhaul, plus a variety of new word options, courtesy of its latest update. Considering this is a game which focuses entirely on the visual, it seems fitting that OMGPOP has decided to liven things up by redesigning the interface, offering a fresh perspective on the insanely popular Qi Top 5 title. This update is not merely aesthetic, however. There are now 30 different categories of 'special' words to choose from, covering everything from 80s trivia and fashion to insults.

Undead endless-flyer Zombie Ace gets new map, power-up tweaks, and more

Endless-flyer Zombie Ace has been given a visual and mechanical overhaul, thanks to its latest Google Play update. Players should now find that the act of flinging hungry deadites onto the noses of military aircraft looks a lot smoother, courtesy of some 'drastic' frame rate improvements. Hothead Games has also loosened restrictions regarding power-up usage on the Qi Top 5 title, now allowing players to activate perks mid-flight if they choose. Plus, to make sure you don't miss the chance to infect a city with the undead plague, the game now flashes up warnings when you're about to pass over a population centre.

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Noteworthy changes to the Android Quality Index charts

Slotting straight into the top of the Android chart this week is block-sliding platform-puzzler Continuity 2.

The aim of this inventive brain-teaser is to navigate a your stickman avatar through an angular tunnel is search of a key capable of unlocking the exit.

The twist is that each level map is divided across a number of sliding tiles, which players must rearrange to create pathways from one tile to another.

Don't let the rudimentary visuals fool you - there's a thick layer of complexity beneath those sharp, right-angled corners.

Android Rundown's reviewer found Continuity 2 a welcome respite to the standard corridor-traversing fair, calling it "an ingenious platformer for those who want something different".

Meanwhile, zooming into the middle of the charts with the fuzz hard on its tail is futuristic racer Busted!.

While most hover-racers involve boosting and blasting your way to pole position, this neon-tinged tunnel-runner is all about escape.

You must rocket along a transport tube, collecting power-ups and using speed bursts to evade the pursuing police officers for as long as possible.

Though easy to dismiss as yet another WipEout / F-Zero clone, the game's impressive art direction and responsive tilt controls are going down well with customers and critics alike.

Indeed, the folks at Gamezebo found that Busted!'s top-flight graphics, sound, and control unify to create a "cohesion that a lot of mobile titles lack".

Sounds like a great escape.

Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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