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New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer

gb Know Your Mobile 20 Jul 2012 10 Read the review
gb Little Green Robot 02 Jul 2012 10 Read the review
us Android Tapp 01 Jun 2012 9.8 Read the review
gb Pocket Gamer 21 May 2012 9.0 Read the review
us Google Play Review 21 Apr 2014 8.8
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What's New in Version 1.61

Dribbling! A new dribbling skill replaces the simple intercept challenge in PACE training and matches.

More free features! We have removed the Pro Licence so you can now play the full game and access advanced features completely free!

Thanks for your support and comments, more updates are on the way!

Thumbstar and the NSS team.

Thank you to all of the fans for continuing to play New Star Soccer! We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the previous update with over 40,000 five star reviews, but please keep the feedback coming as it helps us to improve your experience further. We hope you enjoy the small changes in this update as a result of that feedback, but look out for a HUGE update soon with more content, features and further improvements!

★ Eurogamer - App of the Day - "The best football game on mobile and tablets."
★ The Sun - App of the Year - "A pristine game." 5/5
★ PocketGamer - Gold Award - "You'll suffer the highs and lows of its simply presented matches with the grin of a true addict plastered across your face."
★ Kotaku - App of the Day - "The perfect marriage of quickplay phone game, football management sim and RPG."
★ Gametrailers - App of the Day - "It's an essential download."
★ MSN - App of the Day - "New Star Soccer is getting evangelistic word-of-mouth buzz from players who can't put their phones down." 5/5
★ Sunday Times - "So engrossing you'll be playing until your phone battery dies." 5/5
★ Telegraph - "It's a wonderful little game but it will eat your life." 4.5/5
★ Modojo - "The best soccer game you'll ever play on your mobile." 4.5/5
★ AllAboutTheGames - "I've spent an entire week playing New Star Soccer." 5/5
★ Sunday Mirror - "New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive games ever."
★ Edge - "Simon Read’s creation smartly captures the capitalism, the artistry and the sheer, glorious unpredictability of its subject." 7/10
★ PCAdvisor - "Incredibly addictive and satisfying." 4.5/5
★ GodIsAGeek - "It really can’t be over-estimated how brilliant New Star Soccer is." 10/10
★ LittleGreenRobot - "An engaging football simulation." 5/5
★ MacWorld - Editor's Choice - "New Star Soccer aims for the perfect mobile experience, and effortlessly hits the top corner." 5/5

New Star Soccer is a unique football career game that lets you live the life of an up-and-coming superstar. Start out in the lower leagues and work your way to the top by training hard, scoring goals and keeping your boss, team mates and fans happy.

New Star Soccer screenshot #1
New Star Soccer screenshot #2
New Star Soccer screenshot #3
New Star Soccer screenshot #4

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  2. The badge will automatically display on your web page with the New Star Soccer Android app's current Qualityindex rating.
Quality Index
Category: Sports
Filesize: 40.0MB
Content rating: Medium Maturity
App version: 1.61
Requires android: 1.5 and up
Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
New Star Soccer image #1
13 Mar 2014
Version: 1.61
25 Dec 2013
Version: 1.60
15 Nov 2013
Version: 1.57
10 Nov 2013
$2.99 to $0.00
10 Nov 2013
Version: 1.56
25 Nov 2012
Version: 1.19
21 Jul 2012
Version: 1.15
21 May 2012
Version: 1.12
08 May 2012
Version: 1.11
09 Apr 2012
Version: 1.09b
28 Mar 2012
Version: 1.05
19 Mar 2012
Version: 1.04
13 Mar 2012
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30 Jun 2012
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