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Save the Jelly Kingdom from the invading Nian in Jelly Blast's new update

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The match three puzzler hit, Jelly Blast! has just been updated with a selection of new features, levels, and languages which greatly expand on this sweet-based experience.

In an all new event, the Jelly Kingdom is being attacked by Nian, a fierce legendary beast. You have to try and stop him by lighting a bunch of firecrackers.

You won't be completely without support though. There's a new blocker called the Magical Lotus which will help you.

Of course, the event isn't the only piece of new content to work your way through in this update. There are also 45 brand new challenging levels to really put that Magical Lotus to the test in.

If you wanted to play through previous levels, this update makes that easier than ever before. Thanks to the new Jelly Road Map, you can now teleport instantly to any unlocked level.

Thai, Indonesian, and Portuguese speakers will also be deleighted to learn that Jelly Blast! has been localised in those languages.

If you're a fan of match three puzzlers, you'll absolutely love Jelly Blast!. It's set in the magical Jelly Kingdom and challenges you to complete hundreds of tough levels which are all based on sweets.

There are several innovations on the genre, including boosters which can be a saving grace in the harder levels and treats which you unlock every time you complete a level.

Jelly Blast! is available right now from the App Store and Google Play for free.

This article is sponsored as part of Steel Media Preferred Partners.

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