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Perfect your photos in a snap with the new Snapseed 2. This app brings to your mobile device the power and control of professional photo editing software, previously only available on the desktop. Now with the tap of a finger you can retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit, and more.


== Tools to Perfect Photos==

• RAW Develop - adjust exposure and white balance, tweak shadows & highlights, add structure and more in DNG RAW images (on most of the latest devices)

• Tune image - use to auto adjust for instant fixes, use Ambience to create depth and vibrancy that uniquely adapts to colors and fine tune brightness, saturation, contrast, and more

• Details - enhance details with traditional sharpening or the unique Structure control that makes a photo’s subject pop

• Crop - crop images to standard aspect ratios or free crop

• Rotate - easily rotate 90°, straighten or free rotate how you like

• Perspective - Fix even images with a tricky perspective skew, by dragging the image’s corners. Example: straightening the lines of a building shot form below

• White Balance - Precisely sets the white balance in your image using sliders or the new eye dropper loupe tool

• Brush - selectively apply effects to regions of an image

• Selective adjust - make precise selections and enhancements to specific areas of your photos in seconds with Nik Software’s revolutionary U Point technology

• Healing - remove dust and dirt from the image without leaving a trace

• Vignette - adjust brightness around the the subject of an image, includes a control to freely position the effect

• Text - add plain or tastefully stylized text, choose from 38 styles

== Filters to Add Style ==

• Lens Blur - draw attention to the subject of your photo by blurring and adjusting the brightness of the surrounding background

• Glamour Glow - add a glow to the image that is particularly useful for glamour and fashion photography

• Tonal Contrast - bring out fine contrasts across shadows and highlights, with precise exposure control

• HDR Scape - bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures

• Drama - add style with an effect specifically tailored to your photo, ranging from subtle textures to wildly artistic effects

• Grunge - an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays

• Grainy film - get modern film looks with a realistic grain engine

• Vintage - make any photo look like a vintage color film photo from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s

• Retrolux - make your photos look truly retro with light leaks, scratches, film styles, and more

• Noir - modern Black-and-White film looks with a realistic grain engine and the all-new “wash” effect

• Black & White - get that classic Black and White look with this darkroom-inspired filter

• Frames - add stylized borders to photos for the perfect finishing touch

• Face - Add focus to the eyes; add face-specific lighting or smoothen the skin

== Stacks for Managing your Edits==

• Stacks provide a list of applied filters that you can re-edit or copy and apply to another image

• Use Stacks to go back in time visually

• Re-edit any filter at any time!

• Remove a filter at any position in the stack

• Use the new Stacks Brush to paint in or out any applied filter

Snapseed screenshot #1
Snapseed screenshot #2
Snapseed screenshot #3
Snapseed screenshot #4
Snapseed screenshot #5
Snapseed screenshot #6
Snapseed screenshot #7
Snapseed screenshot #8

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  1. Copy the HTML code snippet and paste it into your site.
  2. The badge will automatically display on your web page with the Snapseed Android app's current Qualityindex rating.
Quality Index
Publisher: Google Inc.
Category: Photography
Content rating: Everyone
Requires android: 4.1 and up
Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000
Snapseed image #1
21 Jul 2015
29 May 2015
Version: 2.0.93990626
26 Apr 2015
Version: 2.0.91289247
11 Apr 2015
Version: 2.0.89987581
31 Oct 2013
Version: 1.6.0
16 Jul 2013
27 Mar 2013
Version: 1.5.0
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