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Top 5 Pixel-Art Games on Android

Best ways to get a block party going on Android

If you chart the progression of digital gaming over the past 30 years, it's impossible not to be left awestruck by the enormous leaps that have occurred in the field of visuals.

However, despite living in a world of 1080p resolutions, HDR lighting, and breast jiggle physics, there are some developers who choose to look to gaming's auspicious 8-bit past for inspiration.

So, now that retro is the new 'new', we decided the time had come to grow a mullet, slip on a power glove, and seek out the Top 5 pixel-art games on Android.

Prepare your eyes for squareness, 'cause we won't be cutting any corners with this list.

You can usually identify a Kairosoft game from a single screenshot, so distinctive is the company's art style. This intergalactic strategy stunner is no different, boasting the same gorgeous pixel-art visuals we have come to expect from the 'Story' series. A blocky delight.
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The mobile version of the PC phenomenon brings the joys of open-world creation to your pocket. Create your very own pointy-edged utopia, then invite your friend into the world to admire your handiwork. If Notch has taught us anything, it's that it really is hip to be square.
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Given the number of right angles involved in construction, applying 8-bit graphics to a tower-building game was a bit of a no-brainer. A simple concept elegantly presented, The Grey Studios's masterpiece possesses single-button gameplay that's perfectly in sync with its clean block-based aesthetic.
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Well known for its catalogue of challenging retro titles, OrangePixel tapped hitherto unknown depths of sadism with this shamelessly old skool platformer. Prepare to become firm friends with the Game Over screen.
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Continuing the mobile theme of pitting martial artist against falling groceries, this fast-paced action game lets you lacerate lemons and mangle mangos through a cuboid prism. If the graphics don't win you over, the hysterical vocalisations will.
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