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Top 5 Web Browsers on Android

Best ways to browse the internet on Android

Where web browsing is concerned, it's safe to say that many Android users will never venture beyond the comfortable, familiar embrace of the default internet browser.

However, it's worth noting that there are a number of alternatives available for those who care to look - alternatives which offer some noteworthy advantages over the stock browsing app.

To find out what Google Play had to offer on the net-surfing front, we opened all of the tabs we could muster to track down the Top 5 web browsers on Android.

Check out the list below, and who knows: you could find yourself activating the first page of a whole new digital chapter.

Even in its mobile form, Google's mobile browser boasts most of the features which have helped make it such a popular choice among PC users. Furthermore, the Gmail-powered transferable tabs and syncing options are massives pluses for desktop Chrome diehards.
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Not everyone has an unlimited data plan, so sometimes it pays to keep an eye on your internet usage. Opera's servers help you shave megabytes off your monthly data use by compressing pages before they're beamed to your handset. A neat solution to sky-rocketing bills.
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For a long time now, Dolphin has been considered one of the best and most full-featured browsers available for Android. It's fast, it's customisable, and the gesture controls offer you a handy alternative to fiddling with menus. Well worth diving into the Google Play Store and installing this.
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If you're a Firefox fan, then you have every reason to put this 'droid version through its paces. Automatically sync your history and bookmarks, use the Awesome Bar to sift though local data (and search the web, of course), and choose from a range of additional plug-ins.
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With its integrated RSS feed, intelligent context-based auto-focus system, and handy VOX search option, this highly rated app offers a lot of features which your out-of-the-box browser can't provide. It even lets you use your volume rocker as a scrollbar.
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