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Top 5 Rovio Games on Android

Best cute casual physics games on Android

Rovio has become a household name in just a few short years, primarily thanks to its smash-hit Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds toys, TV series, theme parks, and celebrity endorsements have followed in no time at all.

But, which of the Angry Birds games is the best? And how do the developer's non-Angry Birds output compare?

We thought we'd tackle these sticky questions in our Top 5 best Rovio games on Android feature.

It's time for a physics lesson, kids.

Yes, Rovio's latest is also one of its all-time greatest. By taking everything it had learnt from the previous smash-hit Angry Birds games and stirring in some Star Wars magic, Rovio had a bone fide classic on its hands. The Force is strong with this one.
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If not a full-on sequel to Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space represented at the very least a noteworthy step forward for Rovio's prized IP. Taking the core bird-pinging action as its starting point, Rovio has added ingenious astrophysics elements, literally sending the Angry Birds franchise into orbit. It also inspired those brilliant droid levels in Angry Birds Star Wars.
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Angry Birds Seasons is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. Basically, it's a collection of bonus level packs based on the original Angry Birds template of pinging birds and crunching pigs. Each pack is themed around a popular public holiday, so expect pumpkins, Santa hats, and four-leaf clovers with your pork-slapping action.
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While this is technically a spin-off from the Angry Birds series, Bad Piggies is still considered a brand-new game. From the perspective of the put-upon piggies for once, you build a series of unlikely contraptions with which to facilitate the porcine escape. It's a delightful and successful departure from Rovio's signature series.
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Few saw this one coming from Rovio. The company that built Angry Birds went in a whole new casual-physics direction with Amazing Alex, buying up existing iOS game Casey's Contraptions, giving it a makeover, and re-releasing it under a different moniker. The result is a far more considered game than Angry Birds, and one that helps broaden the company's portfolio nicely.
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