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Top 5 Pool Games on Android

Best ways to clear the table on Android

Whether you're playing American or UK rules, pool is one of the best and most accessible indoor sports around.

We don't know if it's the emphasis on skill over athleticism or its inherent suitability for playing in a pub or bar. All we know is that we love the game of pool, and that obsession extends to the digital arena.

While they can't compete with the real thing, our list of the Top 5 pool games on Android shows that you can get plenty of cue-based kicks on the move.

Rack 'em up.

Though most pool games have gone 3D these days, there's definitely something to be said for a nice pure 2D pool experience. It makes the game more intuitive and fast moving, for starters. That's what we have with Touch Pool 2D - a slick, accessible game of pool on your Android.
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In Pool Break Pro, Kinetic Bytes throws everything and the kitchen sink at you. This game's got every variation of pool you can think of: US and UK 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, and more. It's also got snooker and a bunch of boardgames. Most importantly of all, though, the core pool action is smooth and accomplished.
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Pool Master Pro is another intuitive 2D pool game. This one's claim to fame, mind, is that it's free-to-play. That doesn't mean the package is lacking in any way, for the game boasts a full challenge mode alongside 8- and 9-ball variations and a pass-the-handset multiplayer mode.
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Polarbit's colourful take on the pool sim is a suitably quick-fire interpretation of the sport, with snappy single-frame rounds against a series of characterful AI opponents. There's no online multiplayer mode here, but there are some online high score tables to aim for.
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This atmospheric 3D pool sim doesn't just replicate the game of pool; it also recreates the kind of dingy bars the game is commonly played in around the world. Pool Bar HD is arguably the most attractive game on this list. And along with nailing those sumptuous visuals, the game's creator gets those tricky ball physics pretty much spot on.
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