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Fishing. It's for the retired, the lazy, the dull, and Robson Green. Right?

Maybe in real life, though it's not up to Qi to pass judgement on such matters. When it comes to digital fishing, however, well, that's a whole different ball game. No, really.

In researching the Top 5 fishing games on Android, we were genuinely taken aback by the number of high-quality virtual angling games there are on the Google Play Store.

Without any further ado, then, it's time to whip out your virtual tackle. Ahem.

Gamenauts's Ninja Fishing is a pretty shameless copy of Flash game Radical Fishing, a.k.a. Ridiculous Fishing, but at least it has the honour of having beaten Vlambeer's modern classic to Android. With novel three-stage arcade gameplay and a bright art style, Ninja Fishing is quite a catch.
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Rocketmind's fishing sim features full 3D visuals, which really pay off when it comes to reeling in a 10-foot shark. Varied environments and tactical tackle changes round out this full-featured fishing package.
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If you can ignore the amateurish graphics, i Fishing Lite is an incredibly accomplished fishing simulator written by an avid fisherman. Among the many nice touches in this game is the ability to drive your little boat around freely and fish specific structures.
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We're still firmly in gleefully silly territory with Super Dynamite Fishing, as you throw away the hooks and reach for the explosives. The result is a fast-paced arcade experience in which all subtlety is cast away in favour of shock and awe tactics. It's not exactly fishing as we know it, but it sure is fun.
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Featuring a satisfying mixture of flick (to cast) and touch (to reel in) control systems, and with plenty of strategic bait and tackle options at your disposal, Gamevil's Fishing Superstars gets a little closer to the heart of the sport than the more arcade-y games on this list. Those IAPs tend to suck your funds a little, but this game remains a more-than-competent fishing sim.
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