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Top 5 Stylish Puzzlers on Android

Best ways to think cool on Android

It's not enough for an Android puzzler to just be really fun to play any more. Here in 2013, they have to be fun, functional, AND stylish as hell.

The result is a bunch of puzzle games that look like they've been lifted from the pages of a high-end design bible. So, yeah, all sharp fonts, crisp edges, and bold blocks of colour. Just spending time in these artfully created games is a pleasant experience.

Put on your sharpest suit, then, adopt a cool pose, and take a look at the Top 5 stylish puzzlers on Android.

Don't forget to pout.

Yes, it's another game in which stark white backgrounds and bold spots of primary colour are employed. But Dots developer Betaworks One employs it particularly skilfully. From the way the little dots bounce into place to the sharp newspaper-like fonts, it's all just impossibly clean and cool. You know, like playing an IKEA catalogue. Or something.
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Blip Blup represents another boldly minimalistic approach to Android puzzling. Ustwo's latest stands out for the brilliant use of varying shades of the same bright colour. What's great is that this gorgeous art style matches the gameplay perfectly, as you aim to spread a radar-like wave across each of its abstract levels.
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Color Zen is, perhaps, the most overtly artistic game on this list. In it, you are presented with a stunning series of abstract mosaics composed of variously coloured shapes. At its core, it's a game about matching those colours in the correct order. It's also, however, about popping on some headphones and soaking in the sights and sounds.
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PUK is the simplest game on this list, both in terms of its arcade-y puck-flicking action and its incredibly sparse two-colour palette. That doesn't mean that there isn't a whole heap of craft evident in both elements, though. Mark our words - orange and white is the new black.
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Manipulating clusters of coloured blocks sounds like a familiar puzzler mechanic, but somehow the maker of Crush! manages to make it feel fresh. A large part of that is down to the sharp, distinctive art style and use of angled flat layers.
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