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Top 5 Cartoon Tie-in Games on Android

Best ways to feel like a big kid on Android

The Saturday morning cartoons of our youth tend to stay with us long into adulthood, providing us with some vital cultural touchpoints when we all gather together to reminisce.

They can also be brilliant fun when watched today - whether we're talking about the cheesy hyper-violent cartoons of the '80s, the irreverent comedy of the '90s, or the slickly produced animation of the '00s, and beyond.

So, let’s doff our caps to those animated TV shows that we all fondly remember and give due recognition to the Top 5 cartoon tie-in games on Android.

And for once, kids, DO try these at home.

Taking the sharply drawn characters (or one of them, at least) of Phineas and Ferb and combining them with the slick casual physics gameplay of Where's My Water? was a bit of a masterstroke from Disney. Where's My Perry??? On my Android phone, that's where.
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He-Man was another great '80s cartoon, but it looks impossibly camp and dated upon second viewing some 30 years later. The maker of He-Man: The Most Powerful Game recognises that, and has made a rollicking 2D brawler with its tongue firmly planted in its heavily muscled cheek.
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The Cartoon Network doesn't just produce some of the sharpest animated shows around today; it's also churning out some very well-produced mobile games. Best Park in the Universe, an old school brawler based on Regular Show, is arguably its best yet.
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The Simpsons has to be the best-loved cartoon on TV... if not the best-loved TV show period. In this tie-in game, you can rebuild Springfield to your own designs, complete with original clips made by the makers of the show.
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If you were a kid in the '80s, one show dominated them all. Transformers may have been cynically concocted to sell toys, but it was also all shades of awesome. In this absorbing card battler, Mobage manages to capture some of that magic.
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