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Top 5 Skiing Games on Android

Best ways to slide down a slope on Android

While much of northern Europe starts to warm up after after a particularly blowy winter, many choose to extend their chill time with a spring trip to the ski slopes.

For those of us without the funds or inclination to take such a trip, there are plenty of digital skiing approximations available for your smartphone.

Check out our list of the Top 5 skiiing games on Android for proof.

Meet you at the bottom for schnapps.

An endless-runner with a pleasantly chilly theme, Ski Safari has you sliding and jumping down a steep mountain in a bid to stay ahead of a rumbling avalanche. If that doesn't sound awesome enough, you also get to mount penguins and Yetis for a speed boost.
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The maker of Solipskier gets the highest marks here for originality. This is essentially a line-drawing game, you see. So, you sketch out a continuous course for your little stickman skier. Throw in a sharp art style and a driving hard rock soundtrack, and you have a game that taps into the gnarlier end of skiing.
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Enough with the crazy flights of fancy! It's time to get real. Really real. FRS Ski Cross is a pacey downhill ski racing game with glorious 3D graphics. Which is what you'd expect from the producer of such console greats as SSX Tricky and Skate, and from the publisher of the ubiquitous Unity engine.
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This official mobile game tie-in for the recent Winter Olympics is all about the imaginative slopestyle event. This means it's packed full of downhill jumps, flips, and grinds. The actual event already looked like a video game, so this brings things around full circle.
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Unlike the other games on this list, Ski Champion takes a top-down view of skiing. Slalom between gates, avoid trees, and score the fastest times possible. Go, go, go!!
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