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Top 5 Side-scrolling Tower Defence Games on Android

Best ways to get a new perspective on TD

Tower defence has been done to death on Android, but the vast majority of these games are viewed from a top-down perspective.

Switch things to the side, like a traditional platformer or beat-'em-up, and suddenly the action feels more immediate and intuitive.

To see what this simple perspective twist can do for a genre, check out our Top 5 side-scrolling tower defence games on Android.

You'll never look at a tower defence game the same again.

Swords and Soldiers might look like a cute 2D platformer, but it's actually a finely balanced strategy game where defence and attack hold equal importance. Send your clan of Vikings, Aztecs, or Chinese warriors out into side-scrolling battle.
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Take the side-scrolling strategy of Swords and Soldiers, stir in a little Angry Birds-like slingshot warfare, and add a smidgen of hack 'n' slash destruction. That's CastleStorm for you.
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Castle Doombad not only twists the perspective around, but it also puts you in the shoes of a dastardly villain besieged by do-gooding heroes. Set up a bunch of traps in your multi-level castle and keep hold of that captive princess.
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Stripping out the mindless shooter elements of the classic Metal Slug universe might sound crazy, but in Metal Slug Defense it works beautifully. Send out your troops to take over the enemy's base, utilising their special abilities in glorious 2D pixel-art fashion.
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From its side-on perspective to its cute silhouette art style, Defen-G Astro does thinks a little bit differently. Here, the action is fast and flowing as you strategically position and stack your little warriors for the next impending assault.
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