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Top 5 Gravity-Flipping Games on Android

Best ways to flip out on Android

In the constantly morphing, iterating world of Android games, a particular game mechanic can kick off an entire sub-genre.

So it is with gravity-flipping. There are loads of games out there that ask you to reverse gravity with the flip of a switch, turning traditional level design - and everything else - on its head.

Here are our Top 5 gravity-flipping games on Android.

We guarantee they'll turn your world upside down.

One of the most popular gravity-flipping games out there, Gravity Guy is a no-nonsense endless-runner with a gravity-flipping twist. It still feels fresh, thanks largely to a brilliant same-handset multiplayer mode for up to four players.
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We've been eagerly waiting for this indie gem to make its way to Android for what feels like ages. VVVVVV is a fiendish retro platform-puzzler that sees you working your way through a labyrinthine world by flipping from floor to ceiling.
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Here's a clever little game that uses gravity manipulation as its main puzzle-solving mechanism. Guide Zuki through a bunch of booby-trapped temples by swiping the screen to shift gravity in one of four directions.
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Flip Runner presents the whole gravity-flipping endless-runner thing a little differently. Here, you're running along a single central platform. And when you jump, you disappear off the top of the screen and re-appear upside down on the other side of the platform. As if the whole gravity-flipping concept wasn't sufficiently brain-frying...
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The purpose of switching between the floor and the ceiling in Gentlemen isn't simple evasion or puzzle solving - it's to facilitate taking out your mortal enemy in one-on-one combat. A rare same-handset multiplayer combat game, and one that has gravity-flipping at its core.
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