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Top 5 Most Moving Games on Android

Best ways to enjoy a good blub on Android

Plenty of Android games have a good story these days, but these are usually designed to instil excitement and intrigue.

Not many games really tug at the heart strings, or really even attempt to pack an emotional punch. Those that do often come off as clumsy or melodramatic.

Not all, though. Check out the Top 5 most moving games on Android.

Get those hankies ready.

There's something deeply desperate and sad about World of Goo, despite its lovely comic book art style. It's an ingenious physics puzzler set in a darkly melancholic fantasy world, where you'll feel compelled to save every last inky cohort from a grim industrial fate.
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Who would have thought an abstract puzzler could be moving? Quell Memento is, with its ingenious levels interspersed by a series of poetic vignettes on love and loss and accompanied by a melancholic soundtrack. It might sound overwrought, but it works surprisingly well.
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Already an indie hit way before it came to Android, Thomas Was Alone tells a strangely powerful tale. It's an abstract 2D platformer, but one that will make you feel for a pair of rectangles like they were your own buddies through expert plotting and witty, softly spoken narration.
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BADLAND borrows a few tricks from the World of Goo playbook, as well as indie gem LIMBO, with its restrained silhouette art style and its rich, darkly suggestive fantasy world. There's something slightly pathetic about the flapping protagonist, too, to the point where every squished clone feels like a genuine loss.
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Anyone who's read the comic or seen the TV show will know that The Walking Dead can be as moving as it is shocking, with its tale of common folk thrown into a zombie apocalypse. The game tie-in is no different. It's a simple point-and-click adventure with an original cast of likeable characters, not all of whom are destined to make it out alive.
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