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Top 5 Android Arcade Racing Games

Best ways to tear around a track on Android

It used to be that arcade racing games were the preserve of, well, the arcades. You had to travel miles to a grimy, noisy room just to pump coins into huge machines - but the slick racing action was worth it.

Then home console technology caught up and eventually exceeded that of the arcades, and we started staying home for our arcade racer kicks.

Now your Android is as powerful as the machines in your dwindling local arcade, and you can enjoy superb 3D racers anywhere you like. Check out the top 5 Android arcade racing games list.

No pound coins required.

It may have been made specifically for mobile platforms, but Asphalt 8: Airborne has the soul of a classic arcade cabinet. It's all about crazy airborne stunts and ridiculous power slides, and its gorgeous 3D visuals move along at a fair old lick.
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The one game on this list to eschew the usual zoomed in arcade racer viewpoint, you only need a minute with Reckless Racing 2 to realise its pure arcade genius. This is all about simple opposite-lock off-road pack racing.
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A game that expertly replicates the thrills of a console racing franchise with its roots firmly in the arcades. Even though it's far from the newest game on this list, you'll scarcely believe that Need for Speed Most Wanted is a mobile game. It really is very slick.
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Sonic Racing Transformed is arguably a kart racer above all else, but its core drift-happy mechanics will be familiar to anyone who's played OutRun, Sega's classic arcade racing series. This is a phenomenal conversion, packed full of varied courses, outlandish power-ups, and colourful characters.
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No game series epitomises the arcade racer more than Ridge Racer, and Ridge Racer Slipstream is an astonishingly accomplished mobile take on Namco's classic franchise. Somehow, the distinctively exaggerated RR slide system has made it through to Android intact, and the visuals are stunning too.
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