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14th April 2012

Angry Birds Space downloaded over 10 million times in 3 days

According to a tweet on the official Angry Birds Twitter feed, Angry Birds Space for Android and iOS was downloaded an incredible 10 million times in its first three days on sale. To put that into some kind of perspective, the population of Hungary is 10 million. You do the math. If you wanna find out what all the fuss is about, download Angry Birds Space from Google Play now for absolutely nothing. It’ll be worth it.

Signal location assistant OpenSignalMaps receives Android update

Whether you're trying to make an important call or trying to download a single picture via a public wi-fi hotspot, your mobile device is only as good as your signal. While there is no guaranteed method to ensure 100 percent network coverage at all times, free signal finding tool OpenSignalMaps provides an array of useful data to help keep those bars lit. Also, thanks to a recent update, the service is now fully functional on Android Honeycomb devices.

Clouds & Sheep publisher HandyGames reaches 25 million installs on Android

It seems that HandyGames has found the key to attracting 25 million Google Play downloads: make your games available for free. The German publisher has racked up these impressive numbers through sales of its 20-odd games on the official Android app store, including the highly Qi rated Super Dynamite Fishing. However, while the paid versions have certainly contributed to the download stats, it's the 15+ free versions that have propelled HandyGames's catalogue up the Google Play charts.

Sega offers Episode Metal bonus story to owners of first two Sonic 4 episodes

Sega is planning to reward Sonic fans for their platform loyalty when it launches Sonic 4: Episode II on Android in June. You see, if you already own Sonic 4: Episode I on Android, and are planning to pick up the next episode on the same device, you'll be able to unlock a special bonus story free of charge. The extra content - entitled Episode Metal - puts you in the chrome shoes of Sonic's shiny nemesis, Metal Sonic, and aims to fill in the missing story between Sonic CD and Sonic 4: Episode II.

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Notable changes to the Android Quality Index charts

Marching into the Android Qi Top 10 this week is medieval strategy title Empire Defense II.

This fantasy-themed tower defense sequel improves on its predecessor in almost every way, boasting better visuals, a narrative-driven single-player campaign, and more enemy types than you can shake a sword at.

Assume the role of Leo as you plot your course across the map, defeating wave after wave of vicious aggressors with the powerful Blades of Chi.

The guys over at AndroidTapp approved of Empire Defense II's strategic prowess, saying that its "gameplay is frenetically enjoyable and intuative."

Cooking up a storm further down the chart, meanwhile, is food-oriented time-management title Cafeteria Nipponica.

Opting for a slightly less glamorous setting with its latest mobile time-guzzler, Kairosoft (of Pocket League Story and Game Dev Story fame) tasks you with creating a thriving chain of restaurants on this occasion.

You'll have to train up your staff, kit out your diner, and invent delicious new dishes if you're going to turn your humble cafe into a respected virtual brand.

If you're a fan of Kairosoft's charming - but testing - strategy games, Pocket Gamer's reviewer reckons Cafeteria Nipponica is definitely "worth a nibble".

Sounds delectable.

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