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21st April 2012

Gameloft movie tie-in Ice Age Village attracts 5 million downloads in a week

It looks like Gameloft's new free-to-play strategy is paying off, with new release Ice Age Village attracting over 5 million downloads on iOS and Android within a week of its launch. Fox SVP of mobile Rick Philips said: "We are pleased with the extremely positive reception this newest addition to the Ice Age franchise has enjoyed across the world."

Smartphone sensation Draw Something receives Facebook and Twitter integration

The latest update to OMGPOP’s Draw Something brings Twitter and Facebook integration to the multi-million-selling app, allowing you to share your artistic triumphs with your friends and followers with ease. Continuing with the communication theme, a messaging system has been added to Draw Something, too, which lets you attach 100 characters of text to your drawings.

Empire Defense II update adds unit slots, boosts character abilities

Popular strategy title Empire Defense II is upping the stakes with its most recent downloadable update. Once you've updated the game, you'll find you're able to take extra heroes onto the battlefield, thanks to the inclusion of additional unit slots. The developer has also taken it upon itself to give the Monk character a bit of a boost, meaning he should be even more useful when an army is bearing down on you.

Temple Run charges past 10 million downloads, receives Twitter integration

Instant Android hit Temple Run has continued to sprint down the pathway of success, having now raced past the 10 million downloads mark on the Google Play Store. In celebration of this milestone, Imangi Studios has released its latest update for the game, which just happens to include Twitter integration. When you beat your personal best now, you can tweet your cry of victory to the world without having to quit the game.

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Notable changes to the Android Quality Index charts

Cutting through a cloud of burnt rubber and onto the Android Qi chart this week comes Drag Racing: Bike Edition.

This mobile interpretation of the acceleration-centric motorsport doesn't concern itself with steering, focusing instead on rewarding well-timed gear changes.

You can pit your throttle control skills against a large online community of fellow petrolheads, and get to grips with 17 customisable sports bikes over eight high-speed stages.

The folks over at AndroidTapp can attest to Drag Racing: Bike Edition's addictive qualities, with the reviewer warning that "once you get started, it's hard to put down."

Amassing an impressive trove of treasure further down the Top 10, meanwhile, is coin-obsessed RPG Battleloot Adventure.

If you're sick to death of melodramatic JRPGs, then this light-hearted, no-nonsense turn-based title might be just the diversion you're looking for.

You'll spend the majority of the game crossing swords with enemies (stop sniggering at the back). Luckily, combat is well implemented, offering you quick bursts of virtual violence, which are both entertaining and satisfying.

Pocket Gamer's critic concurs with this positive appraisal, saying that Battleloot Adventure offers a "thoroughly compulsive battle setup" which helps keep "each bite-sized skirmish engaging".

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to polish my broadsword (stop sniggering at the back... again).

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Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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