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19th May 2012

Strategy title Radiant Defense receives extra resources, UI update, and more

Colourful tower defence title Radiant Defense has received an update which brings a couple of tweaks and additions to the game's critically lauded core. If you felt the 8th mission was a little harsh with its resource allocation, then you'll be delighted to read you now have an increased budget with which to bolster your forces. If you're a seasoned player, you'll notice some adjustments to the user interface, too.

Facebook Messenger lets you send free text messages to your friends

Cost-free communication tool Facebook Messenger now offers more options for chatting with your social circle, thanks to a recent Google Play update. In a bold move, the service now allows you to send free text messages to any Facebook contact, regardless of your mobile data plan. If the message recipient happens to be using Facebook on his mobile, the app will automatically detect this and deliver your message in SMS form free of charge.

Firefox Beta gets improved performance, Flash support, and more

The guys working on the Firefox Beta browser have responded to user feedback with a host of new updates for the Android smartphone app. First off, the browser's performance has been given a boost, which should result in faster loading times and improved visual performance. Mozilla has also given the UI a bit of a tweak in the name of user friendliness, so you will have a new layout - and a new start page - to test drive and report back on.

Latest Order & Chaos Online update includes new dungeon, extra quests, and more

Mobile MMORPG Order & Chaos Online has just received a dungeonful of added content courtesy of Gameloft's latest update. First off, you'll find a brand-new area to explore in the form of the Salien: The Lower City map, which is accessible in Legendary or Normal mode. Secondly, keen adventurers will find a bevy of new quests, items, and boosters to help them occupy their time between counting their loot and polishing their swords.

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Noteworthy changes to the Android Quality Index charts

Global conflict dominates this week's Android Qi chart, with Civilization War marching boldly into the Top 10.

In GameZen's text-based strategy title, you interact with a vast online community, waging battles and forming alliances with other 'droid users.

You have to manage resources carefully - investing in farms, defences, and, of course, your military forces.

As your civilisation advances, the historic setting moves closer to the present, so it starts off in Ancient mode, moves into Modern, and winds up in Future mode.

AndroidTapp's reviewer found Civilization War to be a progressive pleasure, declaring it to be "all conquering fun".

Zooming into the Top 10 in a cloud of space dust, meanwhile, is low-gravity wheel spinner Lunar Racer.

A 2D racing title with an intergalactic twist, Noodlecake's futuristic synergy of extra-planetary racing and weapons-based combat has found favour with a number of critics from across the Android universe.

Earn pole position with pure driving prowess, or utilise land mines and homing missiles to bring your competitors' race to an untimely end.

Lunar Racer's brand of free-to-play fun went down a storm at Android Rundown, who described the game as "kind of fantastic".

Out of this world, even.

Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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