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23rd June 2012

Disney adds exclusive 'Days of Summer' level pack to Where's My Water? Free

Disney is pumping a deluge of all-new levels into its free-to-play physics-puzzler Where's My Water? Free. A gratis alternative to the incredibly successful Where's My Water?, this cost-free version is well worth your time, offering nine chapters and 200 levels of aqua-soaked mayhem. Now, there's even more incentive for Swampy diehards to test out the free-to-play iteration, as the all-new Days of Summer chapter includes 12 never-before-seen levels.

Exclusive in-game items up for grabs through Google's 'Collectibles Week' promotion

Google is bringing smiles to the faces of virtual hoarders the world over with its 'Collectibles Week' promotion, offering exclusive in-game items for certain Android titles over the next few days. If you're a fan of Panic Flight, for example, you'll be able to acquire the limited edition Legendary Spaceship. The Sims FreePlay is offering its own unique items, too, with an exclusive patio furniture pack up for grabs to those who act quickly.

Latest Dropbox update adds automatic uploads, gallery feature, and more

Cloud storage service Dropbox now boasts some useful new options to help you back up your mobile media while you're out and about. Instead of manually selecting files and uploading them in batches, Dropbox users can opt to automatically upload any pictures or videos captured on their mobile device. Then, once you've beamed your media files to the cloud, you can easily browse your uploaded content via the new Gallery view.

GTA 3 and Mass Effect: Infiltrator reduced to 69p/99c in Google Play's 'Longest Day Deals'

A number of Android games have been reduced to 69p / 99c on Google Play, as part of the service's newly launched 'Longest Day Deals' promotion. Several developers are slashing prices in order to participate in the event, including Gameloft, Rockstar, and EA. So, if you fancy grabbing Grand Theft Auto III and Mass Effect: Infiltrator for pennies rather than pounds, we recommend you fire up your Android device and start downloading pronto.

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Noteworthy changes to the Android Quality Index charts

Strolling into this week's Android Qi Top 10 with a fitted jacket and custom lapels is fashion-conscious time-management title Pocket Clothier.

Continuing the developer's fine tradition of pixel-art sims, Kairosoft's latest Android excursion takes its tried-and-tested formula and applies it to the textile industry.

You must build up your own clothes shop, training up the staff and kitting out the store to generate more sales.

Before long, you will be pursuing specific incentivised objectives, inviting celebrities to patronise your boutique, and adding floors to the building to further expand your growing business empire.

Gamezebo's reviewer was overwhelmed by Pocket Clothier's addictive gameplay, sartorial elegance (probably), and endless content, saying that once you start, "you [will] never have a spare moment to consider playing anything else".

Bursting into the middle of the Android Qi Top 10, meanwhile, is bubble-popping puzzler Plopp.

In this game, you are presented with a screen chock-full of expanding bubbles, each of which you can pop with a tap of a finger.

The bigger the bubble is at the moment of bursting, the more points you earn. Also, when a bubble is popped, it sends out a shockwave which causes other bubbles to detonate when hit.

This shockwave mechanic means single taps can spark devastating chain reactions, and generate seriously high scores in the process.

The folks over at Tapscape enjoyed Plopp's simple approach to score chasing, deeming it "an entertaining game which will keep you amused for hours".

If only I had a few spare hours...

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Android Qi Weekly Round-Up image #1
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