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Five reasons to buy yourself an Honor 8 Pro

Lightning quick and VR ready

The Honor 8 Pro is the suped-up version of the Honor 8 and was launched globally in April this year. After inspecting the specs, here are five reasons why mobile gamers should consider it for their own pockets.

Buy it for the screen

The Honor 8 Pro boasts an expansive screen with a quad HD display. Games with strong visual appeal like Alto’s Adventure will especially benefit from the dynamic colour range and high definition visuals. It’s also highly responsive and protected by Gorilla Glass 3, so should handle any furious thumbs you throw at it playing clicker games like Tap Titans.

Buy it for the speed

There’s no point having a fantastic display if the game you’re playing lags like a narcoleptic sloth. Luckily, the Honor 8 Pro runs a Kirin 960 chipset, capable of supporting the Vulkan API and even VR (more about that later), making it quick and powerful. That’s bolstered by a hefty 6GB of RAM, so running more intensive titles like Modern Combat 5 should be a breeze.

Buy it for the battery

The last thing you want when you’re exploring the depths of a dark, dingy dungeon midway through an epic gaming session is for your phone to die on you. Battery lives matter. Thankfully the Honor 8 Pro’s 4,000mAh battery holds plenty of juice and, combined with that Kirin 960 chipset, allows for optimised power saving.

Buy it for the Design

The Honor 8 Pro’s 5.7” façade is sleek and comes in blue, black and gold. Even with a powerful battery, Honor have managed to keep the phone impressively trim at just 6.7mm thick. Weighing in at 184g, it isn’t a lightweight, but the pounds are spread evenly across the phone to maintain comfort and balance.

Buy it for the VR

The Honor 8 Pro includes VR support, since its 515ppi display is good enough to be used up close and personal. Plus, that aforementioned chipset-of-the-future handles the intensive processing power required for VR admirably. But even better - you can test it straight out of the box. That’s because the box itself doubles up as a DIY cardboard headset, complete with lenses – neat, eh? Once you’ve slotted your headset together, download the Jaunt app and voila! You’re ready to explore the world via Discovery, dodge traffic in Crossy Road and spin around in YouTube’s 360-degree videos.


Honor has packed plenty of impressive tech into the Honor 8 Pro, and coupled with the inclusive VR headset, delivered an ideal mobile gaming companion for Android users.

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Five reasons to buy yourself an Honor 8 Pro image #1
Five reasons to buy yourself an Honor 8 Pro image #1
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