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MU Origin update introduces a new character class and much, much more

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Hack ‘n’ slash favourite MU Origin was released globally in 2016 by South Korean developer Webzen, and its world of features has gradually expanded with every update. Just in time for spring, MU Origin is receiving an update introducing a new character class, a new guild tournament and a new all-server area too. Here’s a quick overview.

Let’s start with sub characters. If you’re curious about other classes, you can create a second character that shares (almost) everything with you. They’ll be the same Rebirth level, have access to the same resources, pets and stat points. But they’ll have different skills and equipment. Whenever you’re in a safe space, like Lorencia, you can alternate between your sub character and your main character as easily as changing shirts.

This function means that players can make the most of the new character class – the Summoner. Seasoned fans of the MU franchise might be familiar with the Summoner from the early days, when she appeared in MU Online. If your main character is 3 Rebirth Level 1 or higher, or you’ve acquired a Scroll of Dark Souls from the shop, you can now conjure a Summoner as a sub character. She’ll come equipped with Tier 5 equipment, comparable stats to the Dark Wizard and at 2 Rebirth Level 1. You can tweak her stats by using Unbound Diamonds. In battle, she summons a Valkyrie and causes magical damage.

If you fancy testing your level 6+ guild out against the world’s best, then throw your coat of arms into the ring to take part in Land of Struggle. In this new tournament, your guild goes head-to-head with another guild to defeat the boss of the land. But you’re not just competing with one rival – other guilds are engaged in the same bout elsewhere. Whoever emerges victorious, having cleared the dungeon in the quickest time and dealt the greatest damage, will glean the biggest rewards – including lots of experience points, contribution points, Bound Zen and The Emperor Card. To qualify for Land of Struggle, you have to first get through the preliminary fight, weekly on Wednesdays. The top 16 then go on to the main tournament on Thursdays and Fridays. Why not see if you’re tough enough?

The update also introduces a new all-server area, West Akeron, accessible for players of 12 Rebirth and above. Plus there’s another refinement system, The Forge, where you can spend amethysts, sapphires and Unbound Zen to improve enhancements to equipment Tier 11 and over. In addition, you can capture three tough chickens as pets (a sort of eggcelent pre-Easter treat) – Rooster, Emperor Chick and Robot Chicken. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can acquire a blood-red Blood costume for your characters from Epic Chests, so you can always look battle-hardened.

Test out all the new features of MU Origin version 2.5 by downloading the MMORPG for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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MU Origin update introduces a new character class and much, much more image #1
MU Origin update introduces a new character class and much, much more image #1
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